Timeless Tulips / 2022

Start Embark Disembark End Price Vessel
StatusAvailable StartMarch 23Amsterdam EmbarkMarch 24Amsterdam DisembarkMarch 31Amsterdam EndMarch 31Amsterdam Price$2,099.00    Book Cruise! VesselMS Crucevita
StatusAvailable StartMarch 30Amsterdam EmbarkMay 31Amsterdam DisembarkApril 7Amsterdam EndApril 7Amsterdam Price$2,299.00    Book Cruise! VesselMS Crucevita
StatusAvailable StartApril 6Amsterdam EmbarkApril 7Amsterdam DisembarkApril 14Amsterdam EndApril 14Amsterdam Price$2,399.00    Book Cruise! VesselMS Crucevita
StatusAvailable StartApril 13Amsterdam EmbarkApril 14Amsterdam DisembarkApril 21Amsterdam EndApril 21Amsterdam Price$2,499.00    Book Cruise! VesselMS Crucevita
StatusAvailable StartApril 27Amsterdam EmbarkApril 28Amsterdam DisembarkMay 5Amsterdam EndMay 5Amsterdam Price$2,499.00    Book Cruise! VesselMS Crucevita

MS Crucevita Cabin Upgrade Fees

Cabin Category Description Upgrade Cost Cabin Type
Category C - Main deck/Aft 150sqft Twin with Half Window $0.00 Twin
Category B - Main deck 150sqft Twin with Panorama Window $199.00 Twin
Category A - Promenade deck 150sqft Twin with Floor to Ceiling French Balcony $499.00 Twin

Port & Fuel Charges: $172.00
Single Supplement Fee: 75.00%

Visa Required: No visa is required for this program